Full-Time Police Officer

The Arcadia Police Dept. is currently accepting applications for the position of Police Officer. Applications will be accepted until 4:30p.m. on October 28th 2021. Applications should be submitted to the Arcadia Town Hall either in person or by mail. The address is: Town of Arcadia

208 W. Main St.

P.O. Box 578

Arcadia, IN 46030

Requirements (Please make sure you qualify with the requirements before starting the process.)

The minimum eligibility requirements needed to enter the hiring process are:

1. US citizen or US citizenship by time of appointment

2. Valid Driver’s License with not more than six (6) active points

3. No Felony Convictions or convictions for domestic violence

4. Legal ability to possess a firearm

5. High School or equivalency diploma

6. Ability to read and write the English language

7. No Operating While Intoxicated convictions within the last 5 years

8. No dishonorable or undesirable discharge from the military.

9. No illegal drug use in the last three (3) years.

10. Pass all portions of the selection process

11. Establish residence in Hamilton County within 6 months.

12. Must be at least 21 years of age (no upper age limit)

Physical Agility Test

Candidates should come dressed and prepared to complete all portions of the Physical Agility Test. The run portions of the test will be completed outside unless there are dangerous conditions so dress appropriately. All portions of the test are graded Pass/Fail. Failure to complete or pass any part of the Physical Agility Test may be grounds for dismissal from the process. The Physical Agility Test is compromised of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Exit Standards:

Test Standard

Vertical Jump - 16 inches

One Minute Sit-ups - 29

300 Meter Run - 71 seconds

Maximum Push-ups - 25

1.5 Mile Run - 16 minutes 28 seconds

All candidates, regardless of gender, race, age, or experience, must successfully complete all parts of the test. For additional information on the standards and test protocols as well as ideas on training to meet the standards, visit the ILEA website at:

The Physical Agility Test will be conducted at 420 W. North Street, Arcadia (The Hamilton Heights Student Activity Center) at 8am on Saturday, October 30th.

Applications are available at